What's Your Biggest Fashion Faux-Pas?

Do you also suffer from flashbacks to that outfit that you "just had to have" to complete your wardrobe?

I guess the notion is that, as we get older (and hopefully wiser), we gain a better appreciation as to the shapes, colours and fabrics which suit our own body type, personality and skin tone, right?

We are all allowed to have a few near misses in terms of wardrobe disasters, right?

I have so many to recall and some which I am still seeking professional help for!

Feeling confident, finding your feet and understanding how a fabric sits (and what it can hide) are all part of the mix.

I remember when I was about 19 years of age, I saw a pair of Versace Jeans in Rackhams, Birmingham.  They were a very bright purple.   For some reason, my brain just told me that I needed them. I would wander into the store and stare at them.  I would touch the fabric.  I tried them on several times.  But where would I wear them out?  What would I pair them with?

My brain said "no" but my heart said "yes".  They were purchased, never to be worn and I don't think they ever left my wardrobe.  To me, they were "Versace".  Something to be admired, worshipped and respected.  They cost a small fortune.

Did I learn from this?  Mmmm...not sure.  We all have an indulgent fashion story to re-count.  What is your biggest fashion faux-pas?

Buster McGee would love to hear your stories!

Fashion Faux Pas. Yes or No?










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