Lead Don't Follow Campaign in Retail

A famous quote from Oscar Wilde: 

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

I disagree.

It's just plain lazy and the easy option.

I've spent over 4 years building my small business (Buster McGee) into something which I'm so proud of.  I've navigated COVID and the shit show that came with it.

I've built great relationships with awesome suppliers and been fortunate enough to gain a loyal customer base from across the region, Melbourne and beyond.

I clean, serve, manage financials, do social media, update the website, select stock, buy, pick and pack orders, rush to the Post Office, clean windows, sweep, garden, chat, listen and work hard like most people.

Independent retailers across the Country are run by creative, hardworking owners with a passion to succeed.  Now, more than ever, independent stores need your support.

If every store stocked the same brands and products then our small, regional towns and cities will soon become generic versions of their larger counterparts.

As a small, business owner, I put a considerable amount of time and effort into selecting brands and products, which are just a little bit different and which are not "too mainstream".

I have chosen to lead in this respect and not to follow the "Follow, File and Save" approach which some businesses appear to adopt.

Today, I am asking you to show your support and call out those businesses which choose to fuel their own growth agendas by blatantly copying the buying patterns of established, independent stores.

Together, we can keep our shopping streets independent!

#leaddontfollow #teambustermcgee