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Petrichor Plains by Mihan Aromatics
Petrichor Plains
Petrichor Plains EDP

Petrichor Plains

Mihan Aromatics
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Petrichor Plains, the latest fragrance from the talented duo at Melbourne based, Mihan Aromatics.

With a base made from Organic Australian Sugar Cane, Mihan parfum will linger on the skin between 6-8 hours.


"A welcome relief from prolonged abstinence.  Drenched from the sky, an invigoration of wood and earth, asphalt and ash.  Awoken, aerated, then released.  A eulogy for long, hot days broken with weighty rain.  Outdoor showers absorbing a drink.  Dormant rock and aching fields entering the ether and resting on skin".

Porous, Melodious, Relieving

100ml EDP