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Sienna Brume
Sienna Brume
Sienna Brume

Sienna Brume

Mihan Aromatics
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Sienna Brume, the second fragrance in the series from the talented duo at Melbourne based, Mihan Aromatics.

With a base made from Organic Australian Sugar Cane, Mihan parfum will linger on the skin between 6-8 hours.


"Forever floating in a state of angelical, athletic leisure.  Never noticeably influenced by others; in fact quite indifferent to their cafe chatter.  Born of soft coconut cotton and enlivened by deep inhalations of the sea air.  Magazine paper and fresh cucumber; unflattering notes of cool condensation and poolside daydreaming.  romantically alone".

Top Notes: Cucumber, White Pepper, Sea Air

Base Notes: Coconut Cotton, Greenwood, Juniper

Effervescent, Supernatural, Tempting, Clever

100ml EDP