Sustainability | Buster McGee Daylesford

Buster McGee cares about the Planet and we hope you do too

Buster McGee is committed to ensuring our business is doing the right thing when it comes to the planet and environment.  

Some of our current initiatives include:


Supplier packaging is separated out into cardboard, paper and plastic and recycled where possible via our local council transfer station. 


We try our best to work with supplier partners, who have actively stated their own green credentials with initiatives which include:

1. Reduced water usage during garment production and the dyeing process 

2. Reduced use of plastics within garment packaging

3. Use of more eco-friendly yarns/re-cycled yarns/re-purposed garments

4. Initiatives such as wear more/wash less.


Orders placed via are packed and packaged using home compostable eco-mailers, eco-friendly hex-wrap and recycled paper mailing boxes (where required) which we purchase from Australian small business, Heapsgood Packaging.

For in-store purchases, we encourage patrons to use their own bags where possible.  For smaller purchases, we will always ask if a bag is required, so please don't take offence.  Our shop bags are Brown Kraft paper bags, which we hand-stamp with the Buster McGee logo.